Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a professor with a podcast?

What is Profcasters?

Profcasters is an aggregate distribution platform for podcasts by professors and academics, created by a professor.

Who’s the professor?

It’s me, David Allan, PhD. I am professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. I have a BA in Communications from American University; an MBA in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University and a Ph.D. in Mass Media & Communication from Temple University. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Legal Studies in the Entertainment Law from USC. I have written two books (This Note’s for You on Business Experts Press and HitPlay), three book chapters (Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising, Brick & Mortar, and Encyclopedia American Music and Culture); six music case studies (David Bowie, Pepsi, JT, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Coca-Cola), and have multiple journal articles (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research & Journal of Advertising Research) and a podcast titled Marketing Musicology. Prior to academia, I spent more than twenty years in radio in various markets as a DJ, program director, Operations Manager,  General manager, and Senior Vice president at Tak Communications, Evergreen Media, Chancellor Media, Clear Channel Communications, and iHeart Media.

What’s in it for me?

Profcasters is the leading platform exclusively for professors to showcase their podcast(s) where hungry consumers can enjoy podcasts from the professors they wish they had: You! With Profcasters, you will also have the opportunity to market your books and case studies, book speaking engagements and more!

Do I have to be exclusive to Profcasters?


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